Friday, April 04, 2008

Things not looking good...

Well, there is still only one egg in the nest and if you have been watching closely you may have noticed that Scout and Orville are not at the nest as often as before. One egg alone after several days like this definitely indicates a problem. Dave Scott, peregrine falcon project leader with the Division of Wildlife said that possibilities include a problem with the pair, interference or selection of an alternate nest site.

Interference can be eliminated right off as there have been no reported sightings of other peregrines in the downtown area. It is always possible that the birds have chosen an alternate nest site, however, their options in downtown Columbus are pretty limited as no other nest box exists. That doesn't mean they might not choose their own ledge or nook, but given the structure of the majority of the buildings downtown, there isn't a lot to choose from (but, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t try!). I would ask any falconcam fans who work or otherwise spend time downtown to keep an eye out and if you see one or both of the falcons spending time in a particular area away from the Rhodes Tower to please let me know.

Likely, the problem comes down to Scout and a malfunction of her reproductive system. It is too soon to tell if this is a permanent issue with her or simply a matter of her system taking longer than average to mature. Unfortunately, we don’t have exact answers and everyone is in the same boat of having to just keep watching to see if things come together and the pair can re-cycle for a second attempt.