Friday, May 16, 2008

Update on streaming video

I have some tentative good news: With the recent crash of the nestbox streaming video combined with the troubles with the ledgecam streaming video we have decided to abandon our partnership with the outside company I have referred to in past updates. We are now working to transfer the streams to the host provider we used when we initially set up the live video feed in late 2006.

What this means to the FalcanCam viewer--hopefully, more reliable service! What this means to the Division of Wildlife--cost. One benefit of the most recent partner was they were providing the service for free. The Division of Wildlife will now have to pay for the service but hopefully this will ensure much less "down-time."

Now time for the shameless plug: I couldn't pass up this great opportunity to remind viewers that the Ohio Division of Wildlife's Peregrine Falcon Project, including the Columbus FalconCam is funded by donations to our Wildlife Diversity Fund. There are many ways to contribute to this fund whether you are in Ohio or beyond. You can find complete information about online donations, wildlife conservation license plates and other methods of contributing on the Division of Wildlife's website. We certainly hope everyone will consider donating and Ohio residents will sport the cardinal license plate on their vehicles!

We are optimistic that the live streaming will be restored under the new host provider later today. At this time we plan on keeping the paid host provider for the majority of this nesting season. Whether we offer the live streaming in the future is yet to be determined. For now let's hope that the transfer is quick and we can be back to watching the nest LIVE very soon. As always, we appreciate everyone's patience!