Friday, June 27, 2008

Update on Boomer

No information or confirmed sightings have been received on Mistic and Columbus. I observed a juvenile falcon on the ledge this morning. I assume it was Justice but I was not able to confirm it with the leg band code. Again, we assume no news is good news!

Boomer has left the Riffe Building. Based on past experience I would bet he recovered from his encounter with the window and was able to leave on his own accord. Hopefully he is wiser from the experience and has a better perspective of glass being an obstacle.

While the young are out and about the downtown area over the next few weeks honing their flight skills and learning to hunt on their own, the adults will continue to watch over them. The young call from their perch which lets the adults know where they are. Orville and Scout will continue to provide food for the fledglings in this early stage of flying wherever the young end up--whether they are on the nest ledge or atop another building. Eventually, the juvenile falcons will learn to hunt for themselves and by the end of summer will leave the downtown area to hopefully survive and establish a territory of their own elsewhere.

Be sure to check out the Falcon Facts and FAQs pages of the Ohio Division of Wildlife's website for more information on peregrine falcon life history. Information on where young hatched in Columbus have been observed and have nested is also available on the Tracking Columbus Falcons page.