Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Platform Perch Reinstalled + Cam Update

This afternoon we reinstalled the platform perch in front of the ledgecam. The purpose of this platform is to elevate the birds a few inches to enable us to read legband codes when they sit in front of the camera. Both Orville and Scout were present and quick to defend their territory, although after a few minutes they lightened the pressure on us but still kept a close watch.

Unfortunately, the problem with the ledgecam still images continues to be undetermined, otherwise, I would have captured an image to post here to show the new look.

We are another step closer to installing the new cameras. Currently, our plan is to install the nestboxcam first since it isn't functioning otherwise. The housing will be the same so the birds won't notice any change. Our goal is to get it up and running before we start on the ledgecam. Right now the main speed bump involves figuring out camera networking issues. Ideally, I'd like to have the nestboxcam installed yet this week but it may be next week. However, even after the actual camera is installed, there may still be additional time before we can see the view on the website. Getting the system upgraded and back online is a high priority but sometimes all you can do is be patient and wait for all the pieces to fall into place...