Friday, August 22, 2008

Nestbox maintenance today + juvie report

This afternoon we'll be downtown to clean out the nestbox, replace the gravel and if time allows paint the box. Normally, we do this maintenance later in fall when it's a bit cooler, but since I have help in the way of a summer intern (remember Matt from a previous post) I wanted to do it sooner than later while he's still available. ;-)

While we are on-site we'll have the video feeds turned off so expect the website to be down while we are working.

The only confirmed sighting of a juvenile falcon this summer came from Mary K. who sent me this photo from 8/15/08. According to the report there were actually 2 juveniles on the ledge along with Scout. Unfortunately, neither showed their leg bands so no confirmation on which ones they were. We'll definitely keep our eyes peeled this afternoon when we are downtown.
Later today I plan to post good news about Victory. Stay tuned...!