Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2nd chick!

Another egg was reportedly showing a pip around 7 p.m. last evening. First light this morning revealed a second chick! So, all is going well. This photo was captured by Terry about 8 a.m. this morning, 4/29/09.

Normal activity is for Scout to brood the young to help keep them warm. After extreme hot temperatures over the weekend (85+) we now are in the 50-60 degree range in Columbus. Combined with clouds and rain Scout will definitely be sitting tight on the remaining eggs and newly hatched young to keep them from being chilled. But no complaints! The cloud cover is welcomed during hatching to help us see what's going on. Were it sunny we'd be trying to see what's happening though harsh sun and dark shadow!

Initial attempts at feeding have not been successful. Scout has presented food, but not nearly close enough to the chicks for them to take it. This behavior was observed last year right after hatch also. There is no cause for alarm though, as the chicks are still getting nourishment from the remains of the yolk sac. I'm sure Scout will figure things out as we get another couple of days into this next phase.

Unfortunately, I will be in the field most of today and tomorrow and away from my computer. So the next blog update likely won't be until Friday. Hopefully, by then I'll be able to report 4 chicks!