Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Incubation progressing normally

Looks like the 2009 clutch is going to remain at 4 eggs. This is the point in the nesting season (incubation) I affectionally like to refer to as "watching a bird sit on rocks." It is often uneventful and if they are in usual incubation posture (covering the eggs) one usually sees the same thing every time you tune in: a bird sitting on rocks! This is a good time to practice your skills of telling Scout from Orville since you know whichever bird is setting at the moment is going to be in view for a bit. Tips on the differences between the two can be found in a post dated April 18, 2007. Click the hyperlink or check back through the blog archives (remember to scroll down through all of the April posts to see the one you want).

Another point of excitement during incubation is seeing what Orville brings Scout to eat. Here's Orville in a picture I saved yesterday with a type of woodpecker called a Northern flicker. Note the bright yellow underside of the tail feathers.

So, when to expect hatch? Normal incubation lasts about 33 days. It can be difficult to determine exactly when incubation begins, but it generally starts with the next-to-the-last egg, in this case egg #3. My prediction for hatch is on or about April 30th. Until then, we watch and wait. And watch and wait. And watch, and wait...Anyone have any popcorn?!