Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekly (sort of) update

During this slow time of incubation there is usually not too much to report on, therefore my intentions are to update the blog about once a week. However, last week I delayed my update because I was waiting/hoping to hear good news on the status of the nestbox still images. I was also trying (unsuccessfully) to get into a program that analyzes the traffic to the blog to report some interesting stats. Well, the week wore on and before I knew it, I was out of time for the weekly update. So, here it is late:

Incubation is progressing normally and everything looks fine. In past years it seemed that Orville did a lot more of the incubation duty than was expected - this year it seems Scout is on the eggs the majority of the time. Regardless, the eggs are being kept warm and there is nothing unusual or notable to report.

Status of the nestbox still images: unfortunately, nothing new to report. They are still down into the foreseeable future.

Interesting blog stats to ponder: From the period March 20-April 12, 2009, there were 23,540 visits to the blog from 29 countries around the world and all 50 states in the U.S.A.! So, while YOU are watching the eggs being incubated, know too, that others are also watching from far-off places including: Australia, Malaysia, Italy, Romania, Norway, France, Spain, India, China, Poland and Kazakhstan! A LOT of people are interested in the Columbus, Ohio peregrine falcon nest! Thank you for your support!