Monday, June 08, 2009

One bird on the wing

One of the nestlings reportedly went off the ledge backwards Sunday morning. From the account it appears it was one of those "unplanned" first flights that just "happen" when a bird is too close to the edge.

As of this morning 3 of the nestlings are still on the ledge. So far we've only been able to confirm 67H (Eclipse) and 66H (Jet). It is suspected that the first fledgling may likely be Apollo.

Watchers on the ground over the weekend were able to confirm a juvenile falcon on the Key Bank building Sunday evening about 5 p.m. (thanks Irina and Mary!). They observed it "flapping its wings and catwalking along the roof edge," then "it took off in pretty steady flight and dissapeared behind the State house." So, whichever bird it is, it appears to be doing OK.
It's likely to be a busy week, so stay tuned. I'll post updates as information becomes available.