Friday, March 05, 2010

Cam seems to be acting up...

Still no evidence of a male but Scout has been pretty active this week. There has been several times she has been vocalizing and taking flight from the ledge in what seems like an urgent manner only to come back quickly and leave again. This seems to indicate another falcon in the area but since there's been no sign of another bird on the ledge it could likely be that she is defending the territory from another female that may be around. The cams show us so much more than we'd ever have the chance to see but there's a lot that they DON'T show, too! A reminder that the cams are no substitute for eyewitness observations.

Meanwhile, the cams have been acting funny. Oh, how frustrating! The nestbox cam in particular was flashing a plain blue screen. The blue screen is usually a result of the video feed being interrupted. My theory is perhaps there is some work being done in the building that is jiggling a cable and causing a break in connection. The nestbox is also now markedly pink-toned for no apparent reason. We're in the process of troubleshooting and hope to make some adjustments to camera settings next week. Thanks for your patience!