Thursday, March 11, 2010


Various visitors to the ledge to report:
On Sunday, 3/7/10, a brave pair of pigeons spent some time on the ledge and even investigated the nestbox!
Thanks to Mary Anne for saving and allowing me to share these images.

Then, on Weds., 3/10/10 an adult peregrine was observed!! I was at the Division of Wildlife's annual Wildlife Diversity Conference all day so I missed the action. Luckily, others were watching and saving videos. A video was posted on YouTube. Looking at the footage, it appears that Scout was aggressive towards this bird therefore, it may have been another female that was investigating the area.

Meanwhile, we are looking into a new camera for the nestbox since it seems to be intent on glitching out, as evidenced by the lovely yellow-green tone in the photo above and flashing to blue on the live streaming. We are working in a very small window of time to get something purchased and installed since it is so close to nesting season. However, without a male (thus no eggs in the immediate near future) it does give us a little extra time. Stay tuned!