Thursday, May 27, 2010

One Week Old!

I always like to post photos of milestones to help put into perspective how fast these birds grow. Here is a saved image at about one week of age. It is interesting also with the unhatched egg in the frame for comparison. Within a week they have at least tripled their size!

Unusually hot temperatures with clear skies (=brilliant sun on the ledge) this week has resulted in the chicks needing less brooding than they would normally get at this age. That allows us to get good looks at them doing what they do best: sleeping and pooping!

The unhatched eggs (if still present) will be removed from the nestbox at banding, which will likely be the week of June 7.

The students at Benjamin Harrison Elementary School in Marion County have submitted their choice of names for the chicks. Tomorrow a panel of wildlife enthusiasts will pick finalists from over 180 entries received. This group of names will be set up on a webpoll next week to allow the public to select the winning names. Stay tuned!