Friday, May 28, 2010

Where's the 2nd Chick?!

A little over a week old and the chicks are starting to get mobile. This is the time we start to get anxious inquiries wondering why there is only one chick?! The simple answer is that the chicks can walk around and there are places in the front of the nestbox that the cam doesn't show. So, don't be alarmed - they are both still safe - if you don't see any chicks or just see one, it is because they are starting to wander and explore their surroundings outside of the view of the camera.
When they are out on an "excursion" there is no danger of them falling off of the building though - by looking at the ledgecam view you will notice the nestbox actually sets down in a recessed area of the ledge. The upper part of the ledge is a good 10 inches higher than where the nestbox is and at this young age the chicks cannot make it up that "step" so there is no danger of them getting anywhere close to the actual edge of the ledge where they might fall off.