Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eggs Alone

Unfortunately, things continue to deteriorate at the nest. For the majority of yesterday afternoon, overnight and now this morning the eggs have been uncovered. Further, Durand has been away from the ledge more than she has been present.

Earlier this morning she was observed scraping in the corner of the nestbox. This is typical site-bonding behavior that normally occurs prior to nesting and again later in summer after the young have fledged. The fact that she is exhibiting this behavior now is another indication of shifting hormone levels. Even though we categorize these actions as "abnormal" at this stage in the nesting cycle, in actuality abnormal actions can be the norm with a bird that is not yet fully mature as in Durand's case.

We will give her a little more time and continue to observe what transpires. If things stay on this track then in the coming days the eggs will be pulled and examined to determine fertility.