Friday, April 18, 2014

The Humdrum of Incubation

Well, things at the nest couldn't be going any better.  Incubation for the past ~24 days has been quite "boring" --and in this case, "boring" is good.  Unlike recent events at a nest at the University of Toledo where a competing female peregrine entered the nest and fought with the resident female.  The resident female appeared to be the victor, returning to incubation duty but not without blood and battle scars.  Meanwhile, back here in Columbus, Spark and Durand are taking shifts incubating the eggs and everything is quite "humdrum" to go along with the monotonous "hum" of the building air intake you can hear if you have the sound on your computer turned way up!

By this time next week we should be very near hatch.  As that process approaches, viewers can expect to see a change in the behavior of the adults.  With the warm weather Columbus is having late in the week I've noticed today more than a few times that the eggs have been uncovered for a few minutes with an adult sitting close by.  This is nothing to be alarmed about, especially with the sun and warm ambient temperatures.  More information next week on what to expect during hatch!