Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Nestling Update

No word on Hoshi today so we will assume "no news is good news."  It is very likely wherever she is, she is content to stay and the adults are feeding her at that location.  Actually, since she fledged several days sooner than she probably should have, it's the best thing if she does stay put for a few days and continues to develop more strength before attempting true flight.   The details of her departure from the ledge yesterday morning was reported as a "scuffle" between the 3 nestlings on the ledge-then one was gone which indicates an accidental fledge.  Luckily though, of the 3 chicks she was the most developed and feathered.  She certainly could fly some and/or glide to another building nearby so until we hear otherwise we will presume the best.

Meanwhile back at the ledge, Dart and Blaze continue to exercise, then rest.  Then work their wings again, then rest.  Such is the life of a soon-to-be fledgling!  More information as we know it.