Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Happenings Downtown

As indicated would be done in the last update, we swapped out the old ledge camera for new so viewers can again see what is happening on the ledge.  Here is one of the adults perched on the nestbox camera housing.  In the near future we will replace the the old, scratched lens (causing the appearance of black dots at the top of the frame).  We'll also be working to fine tune some of the exposure settings on the new camera.  In order for both streams to be back up and running we need to replace a computer--we are investigating our options on that end.
On another note, a new nestbox was installed on the nearby Riffe Center in order to give the peregrines an alternative nesting site downtown.  The new nestbox is located in the NE corner of the Riffe's observation deck (31st floor) and is in direct view of the nestbox at the Rhodes Tower.  We don't expect an additional pair of falcons to take up residence downtown because the nestboxes are so near to each other (and falcons are extremely territorial) but the new nestbox gives the resident pair another choice for nesting. 
There are currently no cameras on the new nestbox.  It is probably easily seen from the upper floors on the south side of the Huntington Center.  If anyone who works in the Huntington Center on floor 32 or higher with a south view would like to volunteer to keep an eye on the new nestbox, please email for details.  Please send a note with "attn: Donna Daniel" as the subject to this email address. The Riffe at least seems to be a popular place for the resident peregrines to dine as we found many prey remains scattered about!
Riffe Center Peregrine Falcon Nestbox