Thursday, September 11, 2014

Injury Updates

Both peregrine "patients" are fairing OK--time for an update!

First, the "mystery" falcon (picked up from downtown on 9/2/14) checked out for the  most part OK, except it had eye damage, presumably from hitting a building.  It is very possible that either Durand and/or Spark may have had some influence in this bird being downed, especially since it was found only about a block from the Rhodes Tower.  Peregrines are extremely territorial and will defend their nest site, even in the "off season." Even though we didn't receive any reports from witnesses in this case, that is the likely scenario.  While the cause of the injury remains a mystery, so does the origin of the bird.  We are hoping to find out information on where this falcon was banded in the near future.  The impact to the vision will be evaluated as treatment continues.

Secondly, Blaze has adjusted well to the new facility, but progress has been limited.   She recently completed a lengthy flight of 750 feet with good lift--that achievement certainly was welcome!  Staff is continuing to work with her and we hope she continues strong flights.  Additional updates as information becomes available!!