Friday, August 01, 2014

Updates! Blaze and Building Maintenance

Just as we were finalizing plans to place Blaze at another wildlife rehabilitation facility for conditioning and training, it was discovered her left wing was drooping.  This was a surprise since she had more or less just been resting in an enclosure.  So, off to the veterinarian again she went.  Unfortunately, it is still somewhat a mystery as everything with her checks out fine-there is no swelling or fracture of any bone.  The veterinarian suspects nerve damage from the initial impact that has interfered with her flight development all along.  So, for now, continued rest and anti-inflammatory medication is on the agenda for at least the next week.

On another note, work will begin this Saturday (August 2) on the exterior of the Rhodes State Office Tower.  Crews will be conducting a detailed inspection of the fa├žade of the building using a "swing stage" to suspend workers much the same way as the windows are routinely washed on the building.  The work is expected to continue through mid-to-late August, depending on weather conditions.  Wind, heavy rain and lightning could cause delays.

Therefore, beginning today, Friday, August 1st, the cameras will be turned off to accommodate the inspection process.  The Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) has been working with us to ensure that the peregrines are not affected by the project.  Since the young peregrines have fledged, are flying successfully and by now are independent of the adults and the nest ledge we don't expect there to be any issues.  The DAS and Division of Wildlife will be monitoring the falcons during the duration of the project.  We'll post updates here as information becomes available and certainly get the cameras back in operation as soon as the project is complete.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience to viewers and appreciate every one's patience!