Thursday, March 05, 2015

NestboxCam Back Live!

Hooray, the nestbox view is back up!
Here's a review of the pair and what to expect as we get closer to the 2015 nesting season:
The adult female is known as "Durand" (black over black left leg band, code:  32/X;  right leg has a silver USGS band)
The male is known as "Spark" (black over red left leg band, code:  32/B; right leg has a purple USGS band)
For whatever reason, some of last season's archives of this blog have mysteriously (and unfortunately) disappeared from the list to the right. Luckily, another good source of information is at this link to the Bird Cams Around the World website, Columbus thread.  It even includes tips on how to identify the adults that I've posted on this blog previously.

If you read down far enough you'll see in the nesting history that Durand laid the first egg on March 19 in both the 2014 and 2013 seasons.  So, we can expect eggs around, or maybe even a little before that date this year.  The falcons have been reported mating for the past several weeks so it's any body's guess when that first egg will appear.  Here is a video of the pair bonding in the nestbox and working on the nest scrape (the shallow depression in the gravel in which the eggs are laid) yesterday (3/4/15).