Friday, May 22, 2015

In a Blink...

I have the band numbers.
Bolt (male) black/red: N/34
Flash (female) black/red: 37/Z
Storm (female) black/red: 46/Z
Every year I am surprised how fast nesting season goes by. Here is a photo taken at the banding on Monday. Notice that this bird is still very white and fluffy.

Below is a photo was taken today, look at the difference in the feathers. The juvenile brown feathers are quickly coming in, changing their appearance. As the chicks flight feathers begin to fill in they will start exhibiting a lot of flapping behavior, exercising their wings. We have started to notice this a little this week as I watched one of the chicks running around the nestbox flapping their wings. Stay tuned, I'm sure everyone will look very different next week.