Thursday, June 18, 2015

Inconclusive Info on Flash

Flash remains in rehab for observation and rest.   She had a few superficial indications of a rough landing but nothing serious.  She is very calm, eating well and even bathing.  But there is a mystery regarding her feathers.  Her feathers appear very thin, similar to how old feathers that are damaged from parasites can appear.   This is puzzling because of course they are brand new feathers and there are no parasite issues at this nest.  Because of the condition of the feathers there is concern of whether or not she will be capable of sustained flight.  I wish I had more conclusive information but for now she will be allowed to rest under observation while she recovers from the bumps and bruises.  After some rest and she becomes more active she can be flown in captivity to see what she really may be capable of in terms of flight.  

Meanwhile, Bolt and Storm are continuing to make appearances at the nest ledge.  Both were on the ledge with the adults earlier this week.  And, thanks to Mike Horn, here is a photo of Storm who spent part of the day Tuesday on the LeVeque Tower:
Durand and Spark are making their share of visits to the ledge as well including scraping in the nestbox.  It's not that they are considering a second clutch but rather this behavior serves the purpose to confirm their bond to the site.