Friday, April 15, 2016

Possible Weekend Video Outage

Things continue to go well at the nest and it is SO nice to have both video streams back to watch! Thanks to the Rhodes Tower management and DAS OIT for their help with all of the trouble shooting!  I have noticed the last couple of days that the behavior of the incubating adult described in the last post hasn't really changed that much yet, so the April 17th prediction for hatch might be a little optimistic.  Most of our viewers watch during the work week so if we don't have a hatch until next Monday or beyond, that won't necessarily be a bad thing for schools and the Monday-Friday workforce to have a chance to view.

I did get word today of electrical work that is scheduled at the Rhodes Tower this evening that may affect the live streaming for the weekend.  Scheduled outages may turn off the computers that provide the video to the website.  If that happens, the computers need to be physically rebooted in order to resume the streaming.  We do have a person on-call in the building to handle the reboot, but if something more should be required it is possible the streaming will be off until Monday morning.  We certainly hope that won't be the case but just wanted to make sure viewers were aware of the possibility.  If that does happen we will be working first thing Monday to get the videos back up and running.