Monday, June 06, 2016

All Presumed Well!!

Nothing earth shattering to report - I did get a call early Saturday evening of a young peregrine on the ground down the alley from the Rhodes Tower that was hopping around and thought unable to fly.  The person I spoke with was very cooperative and willing to attempt to capture it for me (since I was well over an hour away).  However, he called me back shortly after that with the good news that the falcon was seen flying away down the alley before he could get to it.  So, we'll just assume the bird's lack of experience had it grounded for a short time and we'll hope that it made its way out and up to a higher perch after that.

Meanwhile, other reports are coming in of young falcons perched on certain buildings, especially the LeVeque Tower and the Huntington Building.  And, they are being seen in flight including chasing after the adults.  This is all normal behavior that indicates all is progressing as it should be with the fledglings.

At this point, regular updates will end but if anything especially notable occurs, it will be posted here!  We certainly appreciate all of the extra eyes downtown and continue to welcome the reports and photos!!

edit to add a pic of Durand and Spark checking out the empty ledge about 1:30 pm: