Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fledgling Update

At least one--if not two--fledglings are still being seen on the Huntington Building.  This morning Cecilia and Linda who work in the Riffe Tower called and sent me a photo of a fledgling outside their window:
They were concerned since the wing was drooping that the falcon was injured. However, it could just be the falcon had a rough flight and/or landing and was fatigued.  The bird stayed on the window ledge at least until late afternoon. They also reported the adults doing fly-bys and vocalizations between the adults and the juvenile. All normal behaviors! Hopefully, this falcon got some good rest today and will fly well on its next attempt!

Meanwhile, another call this afternoon came from COSI which is right across the river from the Riffe.  A worker reported seeing 2 peregrine falcons attacking a red-tailed hawk resulting in it being grounded!  The hawk eventually flew away--we surmise that it must have gotten too close for the comfort of the adult falcons so they gave it a strong message to keep away.  This may be that hawk:
It definitely looks like it had a rough go of it!