Friday, March 28, 2008

No eggs yet

As many of you already know, the nestbox streaming video is down this morning. Unfortunately, again this time the problem is with an outside partner and beyond the control of the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Our folks are working with the other organization to get the issue corrected just as fast as possible. The still images are up and refreshing every 15 seconds.No eggs yet and many Falconcam fans are getting anxious but there is PLENTY of time! It is still VERY EARLY in the nesting season: this week's statewide update indicated 24 pairs of peregrines around Ohio but so far only 5 (~20%) have produced eggs. Scout definitely is on a different schedule from her 1st attempt at nesting in 2007. Last year her eggs were early but infertile--let's hope that what we interpret as a "delay" in egg laying is really just her reproductive system maturing and this year we'll have viable eggs, even if we have to wait a little longer for them. I'll be out of the office this afternoon--hopefully I'll have egg news to report on Monday morning!