Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cam update

We are another step closer to having the new camera systems up and running. Last week we installed a new nestbox camera. This is a photo of all the components inside the housing after it was installed in front of the nestbox:
Here is the new housing:

The camera housing is the same style as we've used in the past so the falcons shouldn't notice any change. The only difference is for now, the top of the new housing still needs to be fitted with some anti-slip tape. Just a small touch that we add to give the structure more "grip" for when the birds perch on it. I have the material in my office and will apply it to the housing next time out on the ledge. Despite this housing being slick for now, I've noticed it hasn't deterred Scout from continuing to use it as a favorite perching spot.

As soon as networking issues are worked out and the nestbox view is up and running we'll be able to install the new ledgecam. Hopefully, this will be very soon!