Monday, March 09, 2009

Ledgecam Stills Back Up & What's That Brown Thing?

Good news - the ledgecam still pictures are back up! We continue to work on the nestbox refreshed images and other tweaks to the system. I definitely plan an adjustment to the ledgecam focus that will allow us to read leg bands when the birds are sitting on the platform in front of the ledgecam.

The new picture provided by the ledgecam currently is zoomed out wider than before. With the wider image there have been several questions about the "dark object" that viewers are seeing now that they didn't before. Some are worried that it is a dead/injured falcon, some think it might be prey remains, others just don't know. The answer: it is a domed-shaped metal grate that covers a drain in the ledge. For those of you who have watched our site over the years, the grate has been in view in the past. In fact, the nestlings usually will perch on top of it once they start making their way up and down the ledge. Mystery solved!