Friday, February 27, 2009

Camera Update

Wow - we really apologize for how long it is taking to get the new camera system up and running. I know this experience has been frustrating for all of our falconcam fans out there and it has been equally (or likely even more) frustrating for me! Unfortunately, our web consultants have run into some serious obstacles with the software - that has been the primary cause for delay.

There's been a lot of questions coming in as to whether we will have everything up and running by the time we have eggs (which should be mid to late March). Know that our intentions are that we will!

As always, we appreciate your patience. All of the latest updates are posted here, so if it isn't on the blog then we don't know ourselves! I will have more details next week and it is hoped that the ledgecam refreshed image option will be restored next week as well. In the meantime, both Scout and Orville have been visible via the ledgecam. They've been going in and out of the box, no doubt working on their scrape.