Friday, May 01, 2009

All well in the nest

Things are going well in the nest and all 4 chicks are being fed. One thing to notice is that the nestbox is already starting to get cluttered and dirty - besides the egg shells scattered about there is also the remains of prey - feathers and whatnot "decorating" the gravel. As time goes on the inside of the nestbox will get quite filthy with additional prey remains and falcon feces on the walls and sometimes on the camera lens! One just needs to go back through photos in the blog archives from previous years to see how things change as the nestlings grow.Traffic on the blog has increased 40+% with excitment over the hatch. There are now folks from 32 countries around the world checking in on the Columbus falcons! Thanks to everyone for watching and thanks for reading the blog!

I've also gotten a few inquiries on when we will turn on the nestbox sound. Unfortunately, with the current setup we will likely be without sound for the duration of this nesting season. No sound happens to be a casualty of being in between the old and new camera systems (the mic for the old system was removed in anticipation of switching over to the new system which was not able to be implemented as desired). So, bottom line we cannot provide sound at the nest (there is still sound with the ledgecam). We apologize for the inconvenience.