Tuesday, June 09, 2009

3 females still on the ledge

This isn't the best shot but it does document that there are still three nestlings on the ledge. Since I tuned in this morning the three birds have been lounging on the platform right in front of the camera. A couple of times two of the birds were sparring with their beaks, grabbing the other's wing, etc. pretty close to the edge. Wouldn't have surprised me for one to fledge accidentally in that scenario but they're all still there. Over the course of a couple of hours I have been able to confirm the 3 birds in the photo are the females (as suspected) including Aerial (65/H) right up front. (Thanks to veteran watchers Donna in IL and Fred for helping with the leg band confirmation!)
No news (good or bad) on Apollo so we assume all is good and well unless we hear otherwise.