Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy ledge this morning

Over the past several days there have been a few general reports from observers seeing multiple falcons flying well downtown. Last Friday afternoon we received a call that a falcon hit a window of the Huntington Building but the observer couldn't see from their vantage point to tell if the hit was a grounding hit or not. We didn't get any further reports of a falcon down, so we assume it was a life lesson in "glass clouds vs. real sky" and all was well afterward.

Fast forward to this morning and there has been quite a bit of activity on the ledge between adults and juvies both. A little after 9 a.m. I was pleased to be able to confirm Jet (66/H) on the ledge (thanks to Terry for providing photo documentation!). Then, about 11 a.m. I saw Eclipse (67/H)! This is the first confirmed sighting of Eclipse since June 17, according to my notes. It's exciting to continue to get these leg band confirmations over time that indicate that all 3 female fledglings are doing well.