Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Empty ledge again? Not quite

Yesterday, Jet (66/H) and Eclipse (67/H) spent most of the day on the ledge until Jet took flight again about 3 p.m.

As of this morning, Eclipse continues to spend time on the ledge. So far into the fledging phase the adults have been very active, continuing to provide food for the young falcons but as time goes on, that will lessen. So, if Eclipse doesn't take flight soon just for the sake of flying, she'll have no choice when it gets to the point that she's not being fed as much as she wants to be.

From this point on we are likely to see less and less activity on the ledge as the young continue to hone their flight skills and eventually become independent. We'll continue to watch and note what leg bands we see via the ledgecam and I know many of you out there will as well. I'd like to take this opportunity to say THANKS to all of you who have sent in reports and updates both directly to me and through other means throughout this nesting season. I may not have been able to respond to each and every email but know that your interest and the information you have provided has been helpful and very much appreciated!! As I always say, THANKS FOR WATCHING! :-)

Updates in the next few weeks will be posted on the blog when there is something to report, but if you login and there hasn't been any news posted for awhile it is simply because there hasn't been any activity to note. Always assume no reports mean the young are doing well!