Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aerial sighting

Over the weekend two unidentified fledglings were spotted on the One Columbus Building, which seems to be a popular spot for the young birds this year. So much so, that the adults have been dive-bombing workers on the roof! I took a call from someone from the building last week and advised him that in another few days to a week that the young would be dispersing and that the aggressiveness should subside. In the meantime I cautioned him to make sure workers that had to be up there had appropriate safety gear (a hardhat) and/or had another person to help protect them from aggressive peregrines!

Today I received a positive ID that confirms 65/H is accounted for and doing well. Thanks to Shane Mathey for sending these photos of Aerial taking a rest on the 26th floor of the Vern Riffe building today just before noon. What a gorgeous day and beautiful view of the river!