Friday, June 12, 2009

So far so good for the female fledglings

Various reports through the grapevine indicate that all 3 female fledglings are out and about and doing OK. Some of the buildings they have been observed on include the roof of the Rhodes Tower, the LeVeque Tower and the One Columbus building. All birds are perched high on these buildings and as I indicated in a previous post, when the birds are able to maintain altitude their success rate tends to be better. We should still expect rough flights and landings once they transition from mostly perching on these other buildings to starting to move from place to place.

Here's a video clip of Jet's exit yesterday afternoon. Again, you can see that it was a very calculated move which is a lot better than being forced to fly because of falling off the ledge by accident. Thanks to Mary Anne in Georgia for catching the video and inserting the "countdown."

The nestbox live streaming video is currently down. Unfortunately, the folks that can fix it are in training today and so won't be able to reboot the software until later this afternoon. At least it isn't a critical view as is the ledge at this stage. We'll have it back up as soon as possible.