Friday, March 19, 2010

March is Marching on and Still No Mate - or could there be?!

Several times this week Scout has been very antsy: vocalizing, going and in and out of the nestbox, flying off the ledge, coming right back, etc. A couple of times a 2nd bird has been seen flying by or landing on the next ledge over but so far no concrete sightings to confirm if the bird is a male or another female threatening the territory. It certainly seems as though she is acting like a potential mate is near, but no good view yet. So, we continue to wait.

Early next week we will be replacing the nestbox camera and experimenting with settings on the ledgecam to help lighten up the back corner behind the nestbox to make for better viewing in the afternoon hours. While we're on the ledge we hope to see two falcons flying by!