Monday, April 12, 2010

And, the winning name is.....

28% of 3452 votes chose Trooper! It was a tight race! The name Mystery was a very close second and Drifter also received more than 20% of the votes.

The name Trooper was submitted by four individuals. One name was picked at random to determine the ultimate winner: Congratulations to Karen Lee of Mount Vernon, OH! For the entry, Karen will receive a peregrine falcon hat from the Wild Ohio Shop. The other folks who submitted the name suggestion (Deb Karr, Betsy Harmon, and Robbin Lee Sneddon) will receive Division of Wildlife water bottles.

Thanks again to everyone for each of the 748 suggestions submitted and for all of the votes. We really appreciate the participation and hope that everyone had fun.

By the way, please be advised that technical difficulties with the live streaming are to be expected and we sincerely apologize for when the service is down. However, in most cases the refreshed images will still be available, so there is that opportunity to continue to watch what is going on at the nest when the streaming is not operational. Note that we do monitor the site but are usually unable to troubleshoot or perform reboots after normal business hours. Feel free to email to alert us to problems with the website but after reading a few emails from this past weekend I would like to ask if you do write in, to please refrain from being rude in your emails! Thank you very much!