Friday, March 26, 2010

Name Survey Launched!

The survey to submit your choice of name for the new male peregrine at the Rhodes State Office Tower is now live!

A couple of guidelines to know:
1) names that have already been used for young hatched in Columbus are not eligible
2) the names Aurora, Bandit, Victory and Orville are also not eligible
3) non-human and gender-neutral name suggestions are preferred
4) submit one name per entry only and provide the contact info requested
5) submissions without contact information will not qualify
6) survey will be active until midnight April 1, after which the ODNR, Division of Wildlife will narrow the choices submitted. The winning name will be determined through public vote via a online poll beginning on or about April 5th.
7) the person submitting the winning name will receive a token of appreciation from the Division of Wildlife
8) if more than one person submits the name that is ultimately chosen, one person will be selected at random to receive the prize.

Thanks for your interest! Click here to goto the survey.
The survey can also be accessed from the home page of the ODNR, Division of Wildlife's website: