Monday, March 22, 2010

New Nestbox Cam and a good look at the newbie

This afternoon we installed the new nestbox cam. When we first went out on the ledge, both Scout and the new male were there. Scout was in no hurry to give up her turf to us! The male made several passes and you can even see him in this photo "backing up" Scout: The new cam is a bit more technologically advanced than what we had previously and hopefully will offer a more even picture in harsh lighting conditions. As I write this after 9 pm I notice the inside of the nestbox is still very light so we'll have extended viewing anyway! Here we are trying to troubleshoot the audio. Right now both microphones (nestbox and ledge) are coming through on the ledgecam live streaming, and no audio is coming through on the nestbox live stream. So, more work to be done on the audio but luckily, that is work that is all done on the inside of the building so we won't be disturbing the birds.
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