Monday, April 05, 2010

Time to Vote for a Name for the Male!

Still no eggs and everyone is anxious...evidently, Scout's system is taking more time to cycle and produce an egg than WE would like, but there should be an egg soon...We do know that she is an accomplished egg-layer, so it is only a matter of time. Meanwhile, the online poll is now live to vote for your choice of name for the new male in Columbus.

We had over 700 submissions and it was very difficult to narrow down the choices for the online poll. Many names that made the final cut had to be eliminated last minute because we found out about some naming guidelines that are in place in the Midwest that we were previously unaware of. Our statewide falcon biologist also did not want us to use a name that was already the name of a nesting falcon elsewhere in Ohio or a name of a falcon that may not be nesting in Ohio but has recently been observed and so could be seen again. With over 700 to choose from we think we still have a good selection and appreciate everyone's vote!