Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Egg No. 4

As of midday today, 4/14/10, there are now 4 eggs in the nest. So far, Scout has not been very focused on incubation duty. This lack of attention won't hurt the eggs as they will remain in limbo until they receive consistent heat through incubation. However, it will make estimating a hatch date a little tricky...

The new egg looks like it is lacking pigment on the end, or maybe is stained with feces. The other end in the shadows looks odd also, almost like it could be broken. However, if the egg is cracked it's very likely the falcons would have removed it from the nest. Or not(!). All we can do is continue to watch and monitor the situation to see how it plays out.

We hope to get the sound situation corrected later this week. Right now both microphones are coming through on the ledge live streaming and no sound is with the nest box streaming. The work to correct this will be done inside the building with no affect on the birds whatsoever.