Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eclipse In Wisconsin!

We received word from Greg Septon of Wisconsin that "Eclipse," one of the 4 fledglings from 2009 has taken over a nesting territory in Oak Creek, WI!! Here is what was reported:

FYI, we have an OH peregrine here in WI this year. She is "Eclipse" (b/r) 67/H, a 2009 falcon produced at the Rhodes State Office Tower in Columbus. She's nesting at We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant in Oak Creek, Milwaukee, Co., WI. Eclipse replaces 15-yr. old "Atlanta" (b/r) L/*C who nested at Oak Creek for the previous 12 years.

first got a glimpse of Eclipse's band on a March 25 web cam image. I visited the site today and ID'd Eclipse as well as her mate "Scott" (b/g) M/Y. This is Scott's 6th year at Oak Creek. The first egg at this site was laid on April 15 and today I found 3 eggs.

Click here for the We Energies web site with access to the web cam.

As Greg mentioned, Eclipse hatched in 2009 and was last observed at the Rhodes Tower on June 30, 2009. Here is the blog entry from that sighting. In March, 2010, she was observed in downtown Cleveland! Now she is over 400 miles away in WI! Thanks to leg band codes that allow us to confirm individuals and track their movements.

Eclipse is the same age as Durand. It will be interesting to compare her progress with nesting this year to that of Durand's. Back here in Columbus, Durand continues to shoulder the load of incubating on her own. She is leaving the eggs a few times a day, presumably to feed. The male is making several appearances and perching close by. We should assume that he is providing food for her, albeit off camera.