Friday, April 22, 2011

(Mostly) Uneventful Week

Durand is doing really great at incubating now! She has learned and become quite proficient at covering the eggs and is sticking with it on a constant basis. Unfortunately, she is still shouldering the entire load of incubation duty but as long as the male is providing her food, that may work out OK as her breaks off of the eggs are few and far between. He has popped into the nestbox a couple of times to briefly investigate the eggs. Perhaps he will figure out how to incubate before we have a hatch?!

Looking back through my notes I would estimate that she finally began incubating the eggs in a consistent and proper manner around the 15th of April. Incubation generally takes about 33 days. Counting forward that would mean we could see a hatch the 3rd week of May.

So, this week has for the most part been uneventful except that yesterday, there was another sighting of a juvenile peregrine on the ledge. This time the bird was chased off by both the male and Durand. There was no further interactions observed via the cameras, nor did I receive any eyewitness accounts from anyone downtown. If that juvenile bird is going to continue to be around, it sure would be nice if it would land in front of the ledgecam so we could have a chance to read its leg bands and identify it!

The other exciting occurrence this week is that Time.Com has a short article on the Columbus Falcons including links to the FalconCam and this blog! Click on "View the full list for "The Baby Hawks Are Here!" for the link to our Columbus peregrines!