Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Hoshi Report!

We have confirmed Hoshi's location and she is OK!  Many thanks to Patrick, a worker in the Rhodes Tower, who called me with the report.

This morning he noticed a falcon on a gravel ledge area on the 4th floor of the Rhodes Tower (northeast corner of the building).  I was able to get on-site and confirm it was Hoshi.  Here is a view of the Rhodes Tower from the alley on the north side of the building showing the area where she was spotted.
When I arrived, she was chowing down on a pigeon.  Durand (and later Spark) kept a close eye on her, flying by and even perching on the ledge and nearby buildings. 

The good news:  all appears well with her.  She showed no signs of any injury due to a rough landing (so we'll assume she got where she did without a major mishap).  She was eating well and appeared alert and healthy.  The gravel ledge is surrounded by a granite wall, about 3 feet high.  I was hoping that she couldn't make it up to top of the wall on the perimeter of the ledge so we might expect her to stay there for a few days but while I was there, she did indeed fly to the top of the wall, albeit it took her a few tries due to her lack of muscle power.

The only less than great news here is she does need a bit longer to develop her strength so if she does decide to attempt to fly from this location, it probably won't be a strong flight.  She is relatively low to the ground though (4th floor) and probably would make a controlled glide to the ground.  In that scenario we'll just have to wait for her to turn up in the next place and evaluate from there.  The best case scenario she stays where she is for a few days, has food delivered by the adults and continues to tune up those flight muscles!  There are several low and medium-height buildings near that she can easily fly to when she is ready to help her learn navigation and regain altitude.
No change with Dart and Blaze--they are still on the nest ledge, working on their flight muscles!