Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Boost Up for Blaze

Got a call this afternoon from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  They observed a falcon on a bench on the Statehouse grounds.  By the time we got there, the falcon (Blaze) had made its way to the Statehouse steps (west side).  Other than a little stress, it appeared ok so we observed it for a bit.  While she might have been ok to get back airborne from this location, being that it was late in the day we decided to attempt capture after she hopped up into a windowsill.  Once we had her in hand and checked her out (no apparent injuries, scrapes or bruises) we decided to put her back out on the nest ledge.

When we got to the nest ledge, we were surprised to see another juvie (Hoshi) already on the ledge eating.  Since that falcon was preoccupied with its prey, we put Blaze out quickly.  As of this writing they both remain on the ledge.

Shortly after midday, a couple of folks working on the 36th floor of the Huntington Center called and sent photos of a juvenile falcon resting on their window ledge.  We believe this bird was Hoshi and we greatly appreciate that report. 

There have been several reports of Dart in various places today, all in the vicinity of Broad and High.  It has certainly been an exciting week for falcon watching in Columbus!