Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blaze Grounded Again

It has been an exciting day! Just when we were hoping that all of the young falcons had earned their pilots licenses we learn that one may need to take some remedial training...  Here's the scoop:

We received a call this morning that one of the fledglings was located in a parking lot behind the Rhodes Tower. Upon arrival we learned it was Blaze that needed assistance...again.  Here is the story as reported in The Columbus Dispatch
KUDOS!! to Betty for recognizing this as a falcon situation that needed to be reported, AND taking the time to call us AND remaining on the scene to keep the falcon safe from harm until we were able to get there.
As was was alluded to in other posts, the first thing we do when we get a peregrine in hand is to check it for injury.  Signs we look for include drooping wing(s), bleeding, feathers missing or out of place, bruising or scrapes on elbows and/or the cere (where the beak meets the head, akin to our nose).  These injury indicators are obvious.  But some times an injury can be internal and subtle and requires the use of x-rays to properly diagnose.  Again today, Blaze did not appear to be injured but since this was her third rescue, it was decided that she needed to be transported to a wildlife rehabilitator for further evaluation.  We will provide updates of her condition/prognosis as information becomes available.

Meanwhile, an update on the other nest mates...
Hoshi seems to be doing very well and has returned to the nest ledge on several occasions.  Most recently, she was confirmed visiting the ledge late Sunday afternoon, June 22.
There have been no sightings or reports of Dart, so we assume all is well.