Monday, June 09, 2014

Fledgling Update-Busy Monday So Far

Got a call this morning from some folks at the Huntington Center.  Reportedly, one of the fledglings was sighted on a building near there yesterday.  This morning's call was of a peregrine down in their parking garage unable to fly.  The folks down there were great and contained the bird exactly as I requested until I could get on the scene (Thanks, you guys!).   Turns out it was Dart (38/D) and he checked out fine so back up to the nest ledge we took him! Hoping he hangs out there for a bit to rest before venturing out again. Thanks also to Ray Cuellar, Wildlife Area Technician from Deer Creek Wildlife Area, who just happened to here at my office and was able to assist! 
After I returned to my office I found out that Blaze (48/Z) was observed on that Statehouse this morning.  Thanks to Mike Horn for great photos!  I chose this one to post because it shows the bird preening - a great sign that she is probably ok - relaxed enough to do what peregrines do.  Thanks for all the extra eyes downtown!
No further reports on Hoshi...whether she is still on the Rhodes Tower where we released her Friday or not.  The ledge is so high there really isn't a good vantage point to check.  Until we hear otherwise we always assume no news is good news!