Saturday, June 17, 2017

Riffe Tower Visitors

The Riffe Tower seems to be popular with the fledglings this year.  Besides the one photographed on the windowsill Thursday, the other 3 were also reported to be seen on the building earlier that same day. I do have a good outcome to report about the "celebrity" falcon-- it flew off fine Friday about 1:15 pm.  Here is a note from Cecilia about the event and a photo of the adult they saw:
I am so mad I missed the moment when he took off, I had been checking on him throughout the morning. Earlier, I  saw him running from one end of the ledge to the other and moving his wings as if he exercising them and also, flexing his legs. He looked great, today.  I am sure the visit from his parents gave him courage. As soon as he flew away, a co-worker and I, rushed down to the street level to check if he had fallen to the ground and fortunately, he was not there. He was gone!
Thank you so much for sharing so much about falcons and their behavior. I learned a lot. This baby falcon revolutionized the entire staff on the 26th floor of the Riffe Tower. He brought a smile to all of us. 
I'm certainly glad for the falcon, of course, but I'm also glad for the interest of everyone on that floor, too!  I'm honored to have a positive influence and I enjoy the enthusiasm the peregrine project brings.

So, it seems that all 4 fledglings have been seen doing well, and that is great news!  Let's hope they all continue to be successful as they hone their skills.