Monday, May 18, 2020

2 Weeks Old

The 4 chicks in Columbus are progressing nicely. A lot has changed in just 2 weeks.
Everyone is eating well. You can see that in the below picture. All 4 chicks have full crops.

I had the opportunity to visit the ledge today to look at the chicks.
I received a report that one of the chicks was stuck on its back and could not get turned over. It was stuck similar to a turtle being flipped on its shell. Eventually, one of the adults intervened. We have video of the adult picking up the chick and turning it over.

At this stage there is a big difference in the chicks sizes and abilities. The chicks hatched a different times, so there are developmental differences in the things they do.
2 chicks (the first 2 to hatch) are very mobile, walking around on the ledge. A few times I witnessed one of the older chicks trying to stand upright.

The 2 younger chicks still spend a large amount of their time in the "nest" eating and sleeping a lot. This will change in a few days and they will become as mobile as the other 2. So when one of the younger chicks was stuck on it's back it needed a little help to get righted.