Monday, June 30, 2008

Fledglings assumed to all be doing well

Justice and Boomer stayed put on the ledge until Sunday morning. Later in the day an unidentified juvenile falcon was observed landing on the ledge and then it left again before its leg band could be read. No incidents or situations were reported over the weekend. There have been no specific reports from any of the fledglings so at this point we assume that all are doing well.

The young may check back in at the ledge (as I write this one is lounging in front of the ledgecam now, but no legband ID as of yet). More likely we'll see Orville and Scout via the cams from time to time, even inside the nestbox. Sometimes the adults will work on the scrape even though the young are flying. This behavior is mainly a continual bonding with the site and claiming the territory as their own. One question posed was whether the adults would lay more eggs again this year. The amount of daylength is what triggers the hormones that initiate nesting behaviors. Since the days are getting shorter another nest this year is not probable.